We feel fortunate that we have not had any significant price changes since 2006. We think you will agree that is pretty amazing!

Beginning March 5, 2018, we will implement several price adjustments in addition to new product options and part number changes.

Some of our prices will be dropping while just a few items will increase slightly. New price/part lists will be sent out beginning next week. Our website will also be updated with the new information. We encourage you to set up an online account  at  www.RRSurfacePros.com to access your order history and the latest pricing. *SmartEquip accounts will also be updated by the end of March.

R&R Surface Protectors, Inc. continues to stand for superior quality products and unsurpassed customer service. We look forward to continuing business with you.

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 877-847-3178 or send us an email at Info@RRSurfacePros.com.